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INBAF Statement UEB
The Irish National Braille and Alternative Format Authority (INBAF) is delighted to announce the adoption of Unified English Braille (UEB) in Ireland.

INBAF Launch on 3rd May 2012
National Braille Production at ChildVision, the Media Centre at the NCBI and the Braille Unit at Arbour Hill prison announce the launch of INBAF...

NBPC exceeds 3,000
In the school year 2010/2011, the NBPC produced exactly 3089 full transcriptions of books and fulfilled 98% of all its guaranteed orders...


Welcome to the National Braille Production.

The National Braille Production (NBP) is an integral part of the services provided by Childvision in Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland. It is a national service which provides access to educational materials for children with a visual impairment by transcriptions into a range of formats: Braille, tactile diagrams, Large Print and text-only files on computer disk.

Please find further information on how the service works, how to order a transcription of a book and some remarks on Braille on the linked pages. National Braille Production Centre Sign. Click on image to enlarge.

INBAF Statement UEB

The Irish National Braille and Alternative Format Authority (INBAF) is delighted to announce the adoption of Unified English Braille (UEB) in Ireland. This follows a unanimous vote in favour of UEB at the most recent INBAF committee meeting and has been fully acknowledged by the Department of Education and Skills (DES). The founding members of INBAF include National Braille Production Childvision, NCBI and Arbour Hill.

Ireland is the last country from the International Council of European Braille (ICEB) to adopt UEB. This will bring Ireland in line with other members of ICEB, namely; the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, South Africa, Canada and Nigeria.

“The adoption of UEB means that blind children in Ireland will now learn the new global, unified English braille code.
Exchanging books and files with other English speaking countries will be much easier and the internet and social media will also be at their fingertips, as all modern braille devices now support UEB.” says Ilka Staeglin, manager of National Braille Production, ChildVision and INBAF’s current chairperson.

UEB is fully based on the existing English braille code (Standard English Braille or SEB), with some significant changes. These changes will take away ambiguity from many difficult braille signs.

In practical terms, UEB will be introduced via the primary and secondary schools, as well as the Library Service at NCBI. DES and INBAF have set up a steering group to oversee the schedule of the implementation and to ensure that the transition will be very smooth for all.

For more information please contact INBAF


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